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I pray that you will be alright, and that the world would be a better place for you then.. :)

A Prayer

Dear God,

Please give me the strength to get through this. I will try my very best to do everything I can in my hands to achieve this, but I surrender myself in your hands, with faith; I hope we will be able to pull through this difficult time. I wish the best for my friends and family too.

I know that I will be a good Dermatologist.

thank you.

Sue Ann

Nov. 22nd, 2011

decisions decisions, sigh wish i could talk to someone about it. someone who doesnt knw me, someone who will be just, someone who doesnt know ANYBODY! but someone i can trust. I need you. where are u?

exams exams

 exams tmr!!!

and then weeee after wednesday 

me again

 yay!!! i m gonna go home this summer!!!:D:D how exciting:D

again...pre exam post here :) preparing for my final of the final exam here in aberdeen, so excited about graduation, there s so much going on after exams! fingers crossed everything goes well, just another wk more to exams, study study study practise practise practise, i pray that the 10 of us will pass with flying colours!! make our parents proud!!:D

so whats coming up post exams??


MANCHESTER to visit fleur with fabian
EDINBURGH for vincent s wedding
shadowing in cardiology

HOME with KB!!


haven been bloggin for AGES now..in times of stress i realise i turn to this blog, haha! enjoying my last few days in home sweet home b4 goin back to the land of freezing coldnes haha! the past few months after my 4th year finals (which was the post where i left my blog with) has been truly nothing but amazing! never enjoyed living so much, i found the meaning of life, our responsibilities in the ecosystem, grown older mentaly, physically, emotionally, made some new friends, lost some old friends...but nevertheless, lots of lessons were learnt in the past 5 months be it in aberdeen or back home.

was complainin to a friend, that i hadnt been studyin alot in 5th year lately(partly due to the system we have here in aberdeen, gheez).. going back to studyin really hard would be what i m gonna do for the nex 6 to 7 months to come b4 i graduate. On top of that, being a better person, tryin my best to be whatever i should be for myself and others. being less selfish, more caring towards ppl around me..i do hope that it is not too late :) i knw it wont be..

back after weeks

dear journal,
i think this site is officially- dead! haha! nobody reads this site anymore, which means...cheng cheng cheng!* i can write whatever i like on this site! hhaha...mayb not, not if yr studyin in aberdeen at least....
aberdeen is so small, its really really small, its THIS small...you walk down union street, thinking that ah for once u can have some time alone, go shop, look at nice stuffs , then u see an asian guy walkin on the other side of the road, then u think- ah there are more and more asian ppl in aberdeen, cool...then the guy walks closer - ah ha!! u knw the guy..its fabian (for example) seriously, this happened to me several times. trust me, u knw every asian person in aberdeen, well eventually, yr all linked...haha!
aberdeen aberdeen, i don knw what i did, but i can pretty much say that i m 'stuck' in aberdeen for at least the nex few years....haihzzz
hopefully for the better:)

oh yea journal, i passed my medical finals!! 1 more year to go and i m done with medical school....it marks the end of the beginning! O.M.G.
Results were way better than expected, i ll need to thank several ppl for this actually and without them, this wouldnt have happened...my PARENTS for sending me here , and for listening to me in times of stress in the middle of the night (in malaysia) lol!, KB dearie!! i don think i would have even manage to sit for the exams without yr support, emotionally, physically, socially, intellectually, honestly. grandma, and all my friends here in aberdeen especially the 9 of yal who came together with me:) life in aberdeen is not so bad with you guys...:)

Everything went as planned.
Graduation was nice
Venice was hmmm over-rated
Florence was better than expected
Rome was the best of italy

Browsing thru facebook, tonnes and tonnes of pics are being uploaded everyday, by the time most of us reach 25years old in say 3 years time, all of us would have finished touring the world! and i m being serious. look at the amount of holiday pics being posted on facebook day after day...its astonishing! these kids can actually tour the world before they can even earn money, how lucky kids these days, haha!!

hungry pangs kicking in, gtg

2 more wks to finals!!!

i am so freaking stressed up, nobody can imagine how stressed up i am right now, unless yr also in my shoes at this moment in time...i think this might possibly be the most stressful moment for the 10 of us here sitting for finals in aberdeen....more than the students who ve been doin this for the past 4 years here.....
i ve never wanted to pass an exam so much, i have to say, i want this more than any other exams i ve sat for in my entire life!
(i think u say that for every stage of exams u sit for)
just thinking about what s gonna happen AFTER the exams is REWARDING....ah.....ideal situation:
sue ann passes her medical finals with amazing results
goes for kb s graduation ceremony (omg i need to get a proper dress)
goes wandering around aberdeen like there s no tmr
go makan
go for dermaSchool in glasgow!!!!
trip to london
from london, take a flight to venice
and then to florence
then Rome:D:D
another few days in london with jun:)
just relax
oh not forgettin, moving into my new house, heaven....ah compared to my current house....
embarking on my lil business journey in aberdeen
life is so beautiful
1 more month of studying
praying hard that it ll all be fine :) fuh
i don knw why i m so so worried about this, haihh i need to be more confident, i really do.
u have been doin well so far, u haven been just sitting at home doin nothing, u go for classes, u work yr ass off everyday, well u play hard as well, ah....
confidence!!!! ah but not over-confident of course....haihzzz

i remember when i was like in primary six, i got so paranoid comes exam time, i stil remember UPSR, omg
i actually made my mum bought me like a whole box of 2B pencils with 2 erasers and 2 of everythin i needed just to be 'prepared'
and on TOP of that, i had to own the biggest sharperner on earth (comes together with the apit-G thing where u can screw it to the table) just so that i can sharpen my pencils during UPSR....lol!!!! looking back, now i wonder why nobody actually laughed at me last time...of mayb they did...haha! haih STRESSSSSSSS


i ve never felt so much pressure b4, this is what med school is all about....another 6 more wks of stress...STRESSSSSSSSSS
physically tired, ... nervous about seeing the dentist tmr morning

File:Simon Cowell.jpg

a familiar face to most malaysians out there? i think most malaysians would recognise simon cowell as the judge of american idol, knwn for his notorious, often blunt, but (for me) accurate judging on contestants on the show, i must say, i m a huge fan of simon cowell! i used to watch american idol just because of him, imagine what american idol would be like WITHOUT simon??? oh dear,
since i came to Aberdeen, i realise, NOBODY watches american idol here, i must say, i AM deprived of AMERICAN IDOL every thursday night and friday night!!! sobz!
BUT!!! just as how ameriacan idol was originaly FROM the UK - POP IDOL,
Britain has came up with a NEW (to me) reality TV show, Britain's Got Talent!
i Promise you, britan s got talent is WAY WAY more entertaining than American idol of any of the other singing competition out there!! promise!
its not just a singing competition, its all about having talent! u can sing, dance, talk, make ppl laugh, do magic on stage, just watever!!
its judged by simon cowell, amanda and pier
NOW wait a minute, did i just say simon cowell??? now how does he find the time to judge in 2 places across the globe?? gheeezzz
if he does, it means that he flies almost every other day if u think about it! lol! my god simon, beware DVT, PE man....better see yr GP for some prophylaxis...omg  i m so crapping here, too much of GP training...
anyway, back to simon, EVeRybody here absolutely AdoreS him i tell u!!
according to a magazine i was reading, simon cowell was on the top last year in terms of anual income in the entertainment industry, haha!
well, simon, i like you, and i m not complainin! haha!
Britain's Got Talent


...:iN mY eYEs:...

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